Wastewater Treatment Systems - page 19

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The Corella
Coalescer is a removable, inclined parallel, flat/corrugated plate coalescer that enhances separation
of both oil and solids from all strata of the wastewater stream. It is individually engineered to specific application
and job-site requirements to maximize utility.
Solids slide off flat plate tops
and settle in collecting area
Double-wall construction available
with interstitial leak monitoring
Rugged steel construction
for greater structural strength,
superior product compatibility,
and unsurpassed
corrosion resistance
Oil coalesces into sheets on the corrugated
undersides and flows upward
and Petro-Screen coalescers
are removable from above
Fluid level cannont rise into
manways for total secondary
Inlet and outlet through separator
heads for shallower burial depths
Effective wastewater
treatment at varying flow
rates and concentrations
Patented internal baffles and coalescers
accelerate the separation process for
unparalled performance down to
10 ppm free oil
Large rectangular manways,
with removable, lightweight
top panels for easy access
and maintenance
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