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Rectangular Oil/Water Separators
Easy to Install, Operate & Maintain
Rectangular oil/water separators
can be installed aboveground to
help industrial facilities comply with
the EPA's spill and discharge regulations.
Like our cylindrical, underground units,
these separators are equipped with
our non-clogging Corella
that accelerate the separation
process and greatly reduce the level
of oil and oily-coated solids discharged
into municipal storm or sanitary sewer.
Aboveground installation
avoids costly excavation
Electronic oil level sensor
can signal remote alarm
panel of high oil condition
Removable, top panels
for easy access and
wastewater treatment
at varying flow rates
and conditions
Optional Sludge Hopper
with drain for sludge removal
Coalescers engineered
to API-421, accelerate
the separation process
Coalescers are
from the top
Integral Effluent Clearwell
to easily adapt from
gravity to pumped discharge
Rugged all-steel construction
for superior structural strength
Also available with a UL-SU2215 Label
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