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DSB Separator Systems
The Deep Sump Basin (DSB) is a
complete packaged system consisting
of the DSB with Integral Grit and Pump
Lift Chambers, Influent Pump Package,
and Model R-HTC Rectangular
Aboveground Oil/Water Separator.
The system is designed to remove
free-floating oil, grease and settleable
oily-coated solids from a vehicle
maintenance facility's fuel area, wash
area and service bay drains.
They are installed in vehicle repair
and service facilities, car and truck
dealerships and fast lube shops to
help prevent discharges of harmful
pollutants into the storm or sanitary
sewer system.
Highland Tank's standard DSB Systems
feature flow rates from 25 to 200
gal./min. Custom systems with higher
flow rate systems are also available.
Pneumatic sensor and influent pump
systems are standard, with electronic
systems available.
• Automatic for ease of operation
• Utilizes patented Corella
coalescer technology
• Rugged all-steel design &
• Easy installation with limited
• Removable vapor-tight top covers
for service and maintenance
High-Performance Separators with Influent Pump Packages
Standard Components
• Deep Sump Basin with inlet
• Pneumatic influent diaphragm
pump with air filter regulator,
suction pipe and strainer
• Model R-HTC Oil/Water Separator
with level sensor and controls
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