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Highland Tank's Oil/Sand Interceptor
(OSI) is a wastewater treatment tank
designed to intercept and collect sand,
grit, free-oil and grease (hydrocarbons
and other petroleum products) and
prevent their entry into the sanitary
sewer system.
Designed to accept gravity flow, the
interceptor's large volume allows for
a lengthy retention time for sand, grit,
free oil and grease to separate from
the water due to their differences in
specific gravity.
The interceptor contains one to four
compartments (basins) where oil
separates and floats to the surface,
while sand and grit settle to the
bottom sludge baffle.
The clearer water beneath flows
downward to the outlet downcomer
where it is discharged from the
quiescent section of the interceptor.
OSI sizing and construction conforms
to recognized plumbing codes and
meets or exceeds many municipal
industrial sewer pretreatment
They are available in double-wall
construction for those states and
counties where underground oil/water
separators and interceptors are
considered to be "commercial
underground storage tanks."
Oil/Sand Interceptors
Simple, Rugged, Reliable
These lighter than concrete interceptors
can be sized for greater volumes and
retention time. Unlike many competitive
concrete units, they are watertight and
pressure or vacuum testable in both
the factory and the field.
We offer an extensive range of standard
sizes and capacities with complete
accessory packages, including leak
and level sensors, alarm/control panels,
influent, effluent and oil pump systems.
Variations in capacity, arrangement,
dimensions and pipe penetration
locations can be made to fit your
specific requirements.
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