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Single Basin
have a
single collection chamber and sludge
baffle to remove sand, grit, grease and
free oil. This is our simple oil/sand
"knock-out" design.
Double Basin Interceptors
have two
collection chambers and a sludge
baffle. They are commonly used in car
wash and commercial or municipal
vehicle washing applications for oil
and sand removal prior to discharge
to a recycle wash system. An optional
overflow bypass directs excess flow
to an auxiliary retention area.
Triple Basin Interceptors
* have three
collection chambers and a sludge
baffle. Our most popular and versatile
design has a variety of applications,
such as car washes and commercial
garages. Floatables, oil, sand and
other sediments are trapped in the first
compartment and any remaining oil is
trapped in the second compartment.
The third chamber can be equipped
with an effluent pump system when
used in conjunction with Highland
Tank's HighCycle Washwater
Recycle System.
Quad Basin Interceptors
have four
collection chambers and a sludge
baffle. In addition to their use at large
commercial vehicle washes, they are
commonly used at construction sites
for oil, dirt and debris removal during
site dewatering operations to comply
with strict stormwater regulations.
Pre-Engineered Design Options
*HT-TB - Conforms to IAPMO - PS - 80 - 2006.
Sludge Baffle
Transfer Pipes
Striker Plates
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