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Solids Stormwater Interceptor
The SSI is a simple, inexpensive
hydrodynamic separation device
designed to remove debris and
settleable and suspended solids from
stormwater runoff through gravitational
settling and trapping of pollutants.
Solids Stormwater Interceptors (SSI)
perform a key role in removing floating
debris and settleable solids from a
stormwater stream prior to its entry
into a detention basin, constructed
wetland or collection system.
The SSI is designed to slow the flow
velocity through the interceptor,
thereby allowing solids and associated
pollutants to settle and accumulate on
the bottom. The SSI contains a series
of settling chambers separated by
baffles to capture sand, sediment and
grit. It also has integral specially
designed trash-screens to capture
larger materials, trash and floatables.
In operation, stormwater enters
the interceptor by gravity flow and
encounters the velocity head diffusion
screen. Floating solids are trapped and
the flow velocity decreases allowing
particles to settle. The baffles impede
particle movement — as suspended
solids strike the baffles they begin
to settle.
Large particles settle out first and
accumulate in the first chamber while
smaller particles usually settle out in
subsequent chambers. Large access
manways allow maintenance personnel
to inspect and remove the accumulated
waste from grade level.
The SSI system is typically designed
to bypass runoff flows in excess of the
design flow rate. A diversion structure
installed ahead of the SSI as well as an
outfall adapter can be provided to allow
flows in excess of the “first flush" to
bypass the SSI, preventing wash out.
SSIs are constructed from protected
steel, meeting ASTM specifications.
Industry and factory specifications are
followed to assure complete internal
and external corrosion protection.
We offer complete interior and exterior
blast and finish coatings, including
Highland's HighGuard protective
coating. An additional internal
polyurethane lining assures years
of continuous service. Stainless steel
and/or double-wall construction
are available.
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