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Manual Oil Interceptors
Manual Oil Interceptors (MOI) are
designed to trap sediment and retain
free floating oil and grease (petroleum
hydro-carbons and other volatile
liquids) from wastewater discharged
from floor drains such as those found
in aircraft and vehicle maintenance,
storage and washing facilities. MOIs
prevent the discharge of sediment, oil,
grease and other substances harmful
to the building drainage system, the
public sewer or sewage treatment plant
or processes.
MOIs are constructed of mild carbon
steel and coated with heavy-duty
polyurethane for superior corrosion
resistance. Stainless steel construction
is also available. MOIs are suitable for
installation above or below grade and
are available in configurations to fit
almost any requirement.
Top Deck Plate Covers allow for flush-
with-floor installation for easy access
for maintenance and cleaning. Vapor-
tight quick opening covers or hinged-
hatch doors are available as an option.
Highland Tank offers an extensive
range of standard sizes and capacities.
Custom manufacturing and many
options and accessories are available.
Manual Oil Interceptors are installed
between the floor drain(s) and the
sanitary sewer. The operation of the
MOI is simple. MOIs retain wastewater
long enough to allow those contaminants
with specific gravities different than
water to separate out by gravity. Since
oil is lighter than water, the oil floats
and can be manually skimmed from the
surface of the interceptor.
Conversely, solids settle to the bottom
and accumulate at the sludge baffle.
The accumulating waste oil and solids
are periodically removed and
properly disposed.
Manual Oil Interceptors
Taken to the Next Level
MOIs are also available with an
integral Side Oil (SO) waste storage
compartment. This simplifies the
installation and maintenance of the
interceptor system by putting the oil
separation chamber and storage tank
in one unit, thus eliminating the need
to pipe and vent a separate oil storage
tank. This new feature also eliminates
any problems with a regulated
underground storage tank.
Operation of the MOI-SO is simple:
separated oil floats to the surface of
the separation compartment; then
it is removed via the adjustable oil
skimmer into the adjacent oil
compartment by gravity.
A certified waste hauler can then
regularly remove the collected oil.
Access hatches are supplied for each
compartment of the interceptor for
ease of inspection and maintenance.
City of New York Material
and Equipment Acceptance
MEA NO. 8-07-E
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