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Collection Catch Basins (CB) are
designed to capture sand, grit, debris
and associated pollutants discharged
from vehicle maintenance and fueling
facilities and then prevent their entry
into the drainage system.
When installed in conjunction with an
oil/water separator, the catch basin
acts as a simple pretreatment device to
collect this trash and help prevent it
from clogging the drain lines. This also
results in less waste material entering
into the separator.
Catch basins are easy to install, operate
and maintain. The catch basin's
removable drop-in wastebasket
collects trash that may be deposited
at the service bay drains or fuel islands.
A second screen, welded inside the
catch basin, further protects the
separator from incoming waste.
• Coated mild carbon or stainless
steel construction
• Pre-formed attached grating frame
with heavy-duty grate
• Easy access removable basket
for trash collection and removal
• Screened discharge pipe
• Large sediment retention
• Side inlet connections
• Hooded outlet or down-turned 90
downcomer pipe helps prevent
petroleum products, floatable
solids and trash from entering
the storm drain system and/or
• Custom sizing
• Pedestrian grating
• Bottom outlet connections
• No-hub or flanged connections
Collection Catch Basin
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