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Advanced Hydrocarbon Filtration System
Advanced Hydrocarbon Filtration
Systems (AHFS) are used in applications
where hydrocarbon removal beyond
the capability of a normal oil/water
separator is necessary. These robust,
field-proven filtration systems provide
efficient and cost-effective removal of
a variety of hydrocarbons, ranging from
BTEX to crude oil, from water. They
also help safeguard the environment
and personnel from harmful persistent
chemicals and pollutants.
AHFSs contain oleophillic filters that
utilize a patented hydrocarbon
removal technology that instantly
bonds hydrocarbons to the filter
media, making them hydrophobic
and viscoelastic. This property
completely removes the
hydrocarbons from the water.
The single-pass efficiency through
the filter cartridges is often as high
as 99.9% with very little pressure
drop created by oil saturation.
Features and Benefits:
• Ideal for use by a diverse range
of industries
• Consistently high hydrocarbon
removal efficiency
• Ensures compliance with
environmental regulations
• Durable construction &
simple servicing
• Compact design - small footprint
• Easy operation & maintenance
• Minimizes waste disposal
Our custom built AHFSs are skid-mounted with filters, pumps, motors,
controls, valves, piping and wiring. By designing our AHFS from the
ground up, Highland's skilled engineers can assemble all the
components necessary to meet your specific applications.
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