Wastewater Treatment Systems - page 54

Insulation Systems
Custom thermal insulation can be
applied to OWSs to help reduce
energy costs associated with
heating or maintaining heat in
the separation process for efficient
and effective operation.
We have multiple methods for
insulating OWSs depending on
your specific requirements:
External Spray-on Insulation System
• A complete 360º wrap of
sprayed-on insulating material
(nominal thickness- 1.5")
• A protective finish coating over
the foam insulation to prevent
UV damage
Injected Insulation System
• A complete 360º second wrap,
steel skin
• The interstice is injected with
a special time-activated foam
insulating material that expands
to completely fill all voids and
eliminate air pockets
External Batt with Jacket
Insulation System
• A complete 360º wrap with
insulating batts of mineral wool,
fiberglass or ceramic material
• A complete 360º wrap with
a 24-26 gauge aluminum skin
to ensure insulation integrity
External Batt & Skin Insulation System
External Spray-on Insulation System
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Custom Insulated Oil/Water Separators
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