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Steel: The Material of Choice
Superior Structual Strength
Stainless Steel Construction
Highland Tank has a long and successful
record of manufacturing stainless steel
wastewater treatment tanks for our
commercial and industrial customers.
Our oil/water separators and interceptors
are manufactured from 304, 304L, 316
or 316L stainless steel for compatibility
with many chemicals and corrosive
Contemporary steel-making technology
enables stainless steel to be welded
and fabricated as readily as conventional
steels. Additionally, stainless steel has
many unique properties that may make
it the best choice for your special
The bright, easily maintained surface
of stainless steel provides a clean,
contemporary appearance. Stainless
steel is corrosion-resistant to a large
number of liquids. It is usually selected
when carbon steel or internal linings are
not compatible with the product
to be stored.
Customized for Your Needs
Because every application is unique,
Highland Tank's stainless steel tanks
are made-to-order. When specifiying or
ordering custom stainless steel tanks
from Highland Tank, our experienced
staff will assist you in selecting just the
right grade and combination of features
to meet your specific needs.
Environmental Benefits
Steel has the highest recycling rate
of any durable material in the United
States. Unlike concrete or plastic
separators, even those reinforced
with fiberglass, recycled steel
separators ultimately keep a valuable
commodity out of the nation's landfills.
In addition, the latest recycling
processes drastically reduce industrial
emissions to air and water by over
70%, accompanied by a reduction of
approximately 30% in the amount of
energy required to produce new steel.
Building and Buying
Why is this important to our
customers? Buying
is an
opportunity to use our resources
efficiently, build a better environment
and provide cost savings. The EPA
has even proposed new federal
procurement guidelines for recycled
As all of our steel tank products are
100% recyclable, Highland Tank will
form an integral part of your
building and will provide contemporary
architects and engineers with a forceful
response to our society's sensitive
environmental concerns.
100% Recyclable
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