Wastewater Treatment Systems - page 9

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Flange Fittings & Manway
Fittings of various sizes and styles (NPT
and flanged) enable connections to
external piping systems and for venting.
Cylindrical manways up to 42" diameter
are available.
Highland also manufactures large
rectangular EZ-Access manways which
allow for safe and convenient access
for inspection and maintenance.
Factory Testing
A 5 psi factory air test and seam
inspection is conducted on every
separator. All double-wall
underground separators are shipped
with a vacuum on the interstice for
continuous testing to guarantee
integrity of both the primary and
secondary tanks until installation.
Baffles, Bulkheads & Compartments
Baffles and impervious bulkheads
are used to create compartments for
multiple fluid and solids treatment and
storage options.
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