ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 11

Saving Our Environment
for Future Generations
Highland Tank
s steel HighDRO
Storage Tanks and ASME Pressure
Vessels can be fully incorporated into
a new or existing building
s design to
qualify for valuable LEED credits for
Water or Energy Efficiency. Highland
Tank will even provide turnkey
rainwater harvesting or greywater
recycling systems.
Steel water tanks or pressure vessels
can also score additional credit for
Materials and Resources. Highland
Tank can manufacture products
from recycled steel, and they can be
recycled again at the end of their useful
Designers, engineers and builders
have long recognized Highland Tank
steel tanks and vessels for their
strength, durability and functionality.
And in today
s world, consumers and
purchasing agents are recognizing
s important environmental
attributes - especially its high recycled
content and reclamation rate.
For decades, Highland Tank has
been instrumental in creating and
implementing designs to process, store
and conserve water. These products
save money and preserve valuable
resources for generations to come.
Water scarcity is a mounting national
and worldwide problem. In many
regions, water demand has exceeded
the reliable supply of surface and
renewable groundwater for years.
Efforts to conserve water and
make better use of rainwater and
effluent wastewater have increased
dramatically in recent years.
The new emphasis on controlling water
usage has influenced the building and
design industries to develop innovative
methods of water conservation. The
U.S. Green Building Council has
established the Leadership in Energy
and Environmental Design (LEED)
rating system to help promote buildings
that are environmentally responsible.
The LEED Green Building Rating
System was created to improve
environmental and economic
performance of new and existing
commercial, institutional and residential
buildings. LEED provides a verifiable
means to demonstrating that a building
Points are awarded for
Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency,
Energy Efficiency, Materials and
Resources, Indoor Environmental
Quality and other categories.
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