ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 12

Atmospheric Tank Construction
Single-Wall Construction
Double-Wall Construction
Primary Tank
Monitoring Pipe
HighGuard or Other Exterior
Protective Coating
Primary Tank
Tank Interstice
Secondary Tank
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Forming Steel
The fabrication process begins with
the rolling of steel that meets ASTM
specifications. Steel plates from 10
gauge to 1-1/4 inch thick are rolled
to form the rigid shell of the tank.
Lap joints provide superior “ribbed”
Single-Wall Construction
Steel plates are formed, fitted and
welded, creating a strong storage tank.
Impervious bulkheads may be added
to create multiple compartments.
Flat-flanged heads are standard, as are
continuous exterior welds on all joints.
Flanged and dished heads are available
upon request.
Double-Wall Construction
Double-wall water or wastewater
storage tanks are constructed by
wrapping a secondary steel wall
completely around the primary tank.
The space between the two walls,
known as the interstice, can be made
up to 3" wide for injection of special
time-activated, expandable foam that
effectively insulates the storage tank.
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