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Fittings, Flanges and Manways
Fittings and flanges enable connections
to external piping systems and
appurtenances. All carbon steel ANSI
flanges are rated based on their class
and temperature. Full-fillet welds are
used to attach fittings, flanges and
nozzles to vessel shells and heads.
Vessels 36" in diameter and larger
are provided with an elliptical manway
for internal access and inspection.
ASME Testing and Inspection
Various conventional and advanced
nondestructive examination methods
are used for the inspection of pressure
vessels by certified inspectors. Visual
or surface examination detects any
discontinuities and defects that are at
the surface. Radiographic or Ultrasonic
examination can detect defects that are
located within the weld or the steel.
ASME pressure vessels are tested
per requirements of Section VIII of the
ASME Code. Once manufacturing and
testing are completed, a manufacturing
certificate detailing pertinent information
regarding the vessel is registered with
the National Board.
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