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Performance Coatings
Quality assurance is maintained
through Highland
s complete in-house
grit blast cleaning, finishing and curing
facilities. A wide variety of VOC
compliant coating systems are
available, including standard and
special surface preparation, application
methods and multi-coat systems.
Whether it is exterior or interior,
Highland Tank has the expertise to
ensure a long-lasting protective
Proper surface preparation is the most
important factor in any successful
coating or lining. Highland Tank uses
a steel grit blast, which creates a rough
profile on the surface and aids coating
adhesion. Our experienced personnel
then apply our wide range of spray-
applied, high-performance formulations.
Exterior Coatings
The exterior of a storage tank or vessel
can be coated with an oxide or zinc
primer. Options like high-solids epoxy
and polyurethane finish paint provide
enhanced corrosion protection and
abrasive resistance.
HighGuard is Highland Tank
s innovation
for protection of underground water
storage tanks or vessels. This coating
system demonstrates an excellent
balance of flexibility, impact strength,
abrasion resistance and corrosion
resistance. This plural-component
polyurethane has been approved by
Laboratories, Inc. under
UL-1746, Part IV.
Internal Linings
Internal linings for potable and non-
potable water storage tanks and
vessels usually are National Sanitation
Foundation International (NSF)
certified. Volitile Organic Compound
(VOC) compliant, spray-applied epoxy
and polyurethane linings, cement
linings and assorted sheet linings are
available for various applications.
Highland Tank
s high-quality coatings
and linings are applied and cured at
the factory under strict, environmentally
controlled conditions to ensure the
most consistent application and
Advanced Corrosion Protection
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