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Water Tanks
Tough, Reliable Tanks for Water Storage
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Tanks were developed by
Highland Tank with the aim of satisfying
the ever-increasing need for safe and
sanitary storage of water. HighDRO
Tanks are atmospheric storage tanks
designed specifically for storage of
potable water, fire protection water,
wastewater and rainwater.
These prefabricated tanks range in
volume from 300 to 70,000 gallons and
are manufactured for a wide range of
municipal, commercial, institutional and
industrial applications.
• Institutional Facilities
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Prisons
• Hotels
• Resorts
• Casinos
• Apartment Complexes
• Rural Housing Developments
• Campgrounds
• Farms
welded steel tanks can
satisfy most water and wastewater
storage applications. Whether
constructed of coated carbon steel
or stainless steel, rugged and reliable
Tanks are inherently
resistant to almost all environmental
threats as well as corrosion. Unlike
concrete or plastic storage tanks,
even those reinforced with fiberglass,
Tanks are 100% recyclable.
water tanks can be installed
aboveground or underground.
Due to their shop-fabricated design,
Tanks offer a great
number of advantages over
field-fabricated tanks.
• Safe hygienic water storage
• Unaffected by ultra violet or
light penetration
• Rugged and simple designs
• Transportable to remote locations
• Reduced project lead time from
inception to completion
Tanks are manufactured to
stringent standards. HighDRO
used for storage of clean water are
typically of single-wall construction
complying with recognized water tank
codes such as:
• American Water Works Association
AWWA D100 - “Standard for
Welded Steel”
• National Fire Protection
Association NFPA Standard
No. 22, "Water Tanks for Private
Fire Protection”
• National Sanitation Foundation - (NSF)
Additionally, HighDRO
Tanks used
for storage of wastewater, which may
contain flammable or combustible
liquids, are typically double-wall
construction in accordance with
Underwriters' Laboratories Inc.
Standards UL-58, UL-1746 and UL-142.
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