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Fire Protection Tanks
Fire Protection Tanks
(HD-FPT) are atmospheric water
storage tanks specifically designed
for use in a residential, commercial or
institutional building’s fire protection
system. A properly sized HD-FPT will
make a valuable contribution during
firefighting emergencies, especially
when firefighting demands more water
than the building
s domestic water
feed line can supply.
All components comply with the
relevant standards to ensure that the
system will provide years of reliable
service. Specifically, they are designed,
fabricated, tested, inspected and
installed in accordance with the
National Fire Protection Association
NFPA Standard No. 22,
Water Tanks
for Private Fire Protection.
Pre-engineered components such
as Victaulic
fittings, external water
stops, tank sumps, pump station
mounts and anti-vortex devices are
usually supplied with the tank. NSF,
AWWA or UL compliant protective
coatings are factory applied and form
a hard, inert barrier for both the interior
and exterior surfaces of the tank to
prevent corrosion.
HD-FPT are often required by local
fire codes to provide a dedicated
source of firefighting water for rural,
suburban and urban communities.
Water distribution system requirements
from local municipalities can be
unattainable or prohibitive due to
extensive development. In this case,
water must be stored and available
in sufficient quantity to satisfy the fire
sprinkler pump demand. It is more
common for HD-FPT to be required
by fire codes as secondary water
supply for use with a building
sprinkler systems for fire suppression.
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