ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 21

Potable Water Tanks
(HD-PWT) are an effective and
economical way to store potable water
for residential, commercial, institutional
and industrial installations. These
factory-welded and coated carbon
steel water tanks are pressure tested
for tightness to ensure the quality and
dependability of the water supply.
The high strength, impermeable steel
shell combines with our HighDRO
Liner Plus polymer composite water
storage liner to provide a flexible, long
lasting tank system.
We manufacture HD-PWT for all types
of domestic water supplies, such as
well water, city-supplied water or
delivered water for:
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Prisons
• Resorts
• Rest Areas
• Campgrounds
• Rural Developments
• Livestock Feed Stations
• Emergency Water Supplies
HD-PWT are constructed to the
highest standards to ensure a safe,
contamination free environment. NSF,
UL and AWWA compliant protective
linings and coatings are factory applied
and form a hard, inert barrier for both
the interior and exterior surfaces of the
tank to prevent corrosion.
Our interior liner complies with
NSF/ANSI 61 Drinking Water System
Components - Health Effects for the
safe storage of potable water - the
nationally recognized standard for all
devices, components and materials
which contact drinking water.
To ensure maximum longevity and
optimum use, our corrosion protection
systems for underground water tanks
comply with UL-1746. Aboveground
tanks can be protected with a wide
selection of primers and topcoats, even
those complying with ANSI/AWWA
Coating Steel Water-Storage
Potable Water Tanks
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