ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 22

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Rainwater Collection Tanks
Rainwater Collection Tanks
(HD-RCT) are available for either
aboveground or underground
Whether of stainless steel or coated
carbon steel construction, HD-RCT
provide a renewable supply of water
that can be used for a wide range of
• Lawn and landscape irrigation
• Fire water supply
• Laundry washing
• Toilet flushing
• Building power washing
• Industrial processing
• Pool filling
• Vehicle washing
In some areas, rainwater may represent
the primary source of water. Collected
rainwater can augment primary water
sources and it is a good standby in
times of emergency, such as during
power outages, droughts or when the
well goes dry.
Highland Tank will provide turnkey
rainwater harvesting systems. These
complete systems are a key element
to earning valuable LEED credits in a
“green” building.
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