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Thermal Energy Storage
Planning for a potential loss of cooling
system capacity, although rare, is
essential in maintaining the integrity
of information storage at data centers
around the world. Thermal Energy
Storage (TES) is a key element in
delaying the effects of cooling failure
due to power loss or catastrophic
TES systems are engineered process
tanks or vessels that add heat or
remove heat from a storage medium
such as water. TES is a low cost
form of storage that can be either
a pressurized ASME vessel or
atmospheric UL-142 storage tank.
The fundamental process of TES is
a basic concept. Water is cooled by
chillers during off-peak hours and
stored in insulated tanks. This stored,
cooled water is then used for space
conditioning during times of high
temperatures using pumps, control
valves and fan energy.
The most common chilled water TES is
a cylindrical, vertical pressurized water
storage vessel. These rugged steel
vessels are protected from corrosion
with durable interior and exterior
polyurethane coatings.
TES is proven to be an attractive option
when new investments in chiller plants
are required. The need for back-up
or redundant systems in time of need
at mission critical facilities makes a
chilled water storage tank the most
economical investment in cooling
system design.
Environmental benefits include
reduction of source energy use,
decreased refrigerant charge and
improved efficiency of the energy
supply. Because Highland Tank’s
TES are made of durable goods like
protected steel, non-corrosive PVC
diffusers and minimal, if any, VOC
coatings, life cycle costs are at a
TES are most likely to be cost effective
in situations where:
• A facility’s cooling load is much
greater than the average load
• Back-up cooling capacity
is needed
• Load shifting is required or loads
are cyclical
• Efficient operation is important.
• Capital costs are relative
• Interruption in cooling water
cannot be tolerated by a mission
critical operation
Warm return water enters tank at top and
is distributed by diffuser pipe assembly
Cooled water is distributed through
identical diffuser pipe assembly and
returned to service
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