ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 26

Rainwater Harvesting Systems
-Pure Rainwater Harvesting
Systems (HD-P-RHS) are designed to
collect, store and reuse rainwater.
The HighDRO
-Pure system produces
a sustainable and reliable alternative
water source and helps reduce
stormwater runoff and dependence on
domestic water.
Highland Tank
s HighDRO
system can be incorporated into a
design to help earn valuable Water
Efficiency LEED credits. Additionally,
our Rainwater Collection Tanks
(RCT) score points for Materials and
Resources credits. Our new steel
products are made from recycled steel
and can be recycled again at the end of
their useful lives.
• Unlimited storage capabilities
• Efficient, streamlined treatment
• Low energy consumption per
gallon treated
• Influent flow rates to 6,000 Gal/Min
• Distribution flow rates from
5 to 300 Gal/Min
Rural, domestic, commercial and
industrial consumers throughout the
country are now choosing rainwater
harvesting systems for economic
reasons as well as environmental
• Saves water consumption costs
• Reduces demands on municipal,
surface or ground water supplies
• Protects the integrity of local
waterways by reducing non-point
source pollution
• Beneficial for cleaning purposes
as less detergent is needed
• Good for irrigation as water is free
of salts and man-made pollutants
• Reduces flooding and erosion
Highland’s HighDRO
-Pure systems
are the most complete rainwater
recycling systems on the market. We
will custom design and build a system
to suit your project needs.
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