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Greywater Recycling Systems
-Clear Greywater Recycling
Systems (HD-C-GRS) are designed
to store and treat greywater to a high
quality for a wide range of non-potable
water uses.
• Lawn and Landscape Irrigation
• Flushing Toilets
• Car Washing
• Fire Water Supply
They provide a fundamental solution
to many ecological problems resulting
from expanding populations and
depleted water resources.
HD-C-GRSs are engineered for
site-specific applications with various
compact aboveground or underground
designs that utilize either coated
carbon or stainless steel storage and
conveyance elements.
Greywater Recycling
Sources of greywater are:
• Washing Machines
• Bathtubs
• Showers
• Hand Sinks
These sources make up more than
35% of effluent discharged on a daily
basis by schools, hospitals, prisons
and other industrial/commercial
buildings. With the introduction of the
-Clear GRS, this greywater
can be treated and reused.
• Lower fresh/tap water use
• Reduce strain on septic systems
and sewer treatment plants
• Lower water and sewer bills
• Less energy and chemical use
• Recharges depleted groundwater
Environmental Stewardship
The GRS engineered system design
employs time-tested treatment
techniques while incorporating
state-of-the-art disinfection and
transmission components. These
systems provide users a reliable
source of recycled water for irrigation
and other secondary applications.
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