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Pre-Engineered Tank Design Options
Potable Water Tanks (HD-PWT)
A water tank with a NSF certified liner
designed to store water of a quality
suitable for drinking.
Fire Protection Water Tanks (HD-FPT)
A water tank designed in accordance
with NFPA ­22 to store an emergency
supply of water for use in the event of
Rainwater Collection Tanks (HD-RCT)
A water tank designed to collect and
store rain/stormwater runoff, typically
from rooftops and paved areas.
Wastewater Storage Tanks (HD-WWST)
A water tank that stores water that has
been used, as for washing, flushing or
in a manufacturing, industrial or
agricultural process, and so contains
waste products.
Horizontal Design Options
Flanged Manway
& Cover with
Gauge Port
Fill Pipe with Cam Lock
Lifting Lug
2" dia. Level
Sensor Pipe
Striker Plate
Vent Fitting
Flanged Outlet Pipe
Pump Option
Optional Submersible Pump
Pump Option
Suction Line Assembly
Drop Tube with
Pump Well
Fire Pump
Outlet Pipe
Inlet Pipe
Diffusion Baffle
Flush Filter
Pump Option
Double-wall Tank
Monitoring Pipe
Optional Grinder Pump & Rails
Double-wall Tank
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