ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 35

As each ASME pressure vessel
application is unique, specific
vessel construction requirements
are calculated by Highland Tank
engineers using a formula that takes
into consideration steel thickness,
vessel diameter, design/operating
pressure and joint efficiency. Special
requirements, such as lethal service,
vibration, and high and low operating
temperature limits are some of the
considerations taken into account
when designing a working vessel.
Quality Control
Our ASME code-approved quality
control program monitors the design,
materials, construction, welding and
testing methods employed throughout
the vessel production. Once a vessel
has been constructed, tested and
approved by an Authorized Inspector,
a registration is filed with the National
Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel
Highland Tank is certified to
manufacture unfired pressure vessels
whose construction complies with
ASME Code, Section VIII, Division I
and welding in accordance with
Section IX. Highland labels ASME
vessels with a “U” for unfired pressure
vessels with authority granted by the
National Board of Boiler and Pressure
Vessel Inspectors.
We are also certified to make alterations
or perform repairs on vessels in
operation, in which case an “R” label
would be applied. Additional codes
such as NFPA and AWWA may affect
design requirements if the vessel is to
be used for water service.
An ASME pressure vessel
s materials
of construction consist of SA516
GR70 carbon steel and type 304 and
316 stainless steel (as well as the “L”
grades). Heads are typically ASME 2:1
ASME Pressure
Custom Quality in Every Detail
ASME Pressure Vessels are
manufactured for a wide range of
municipal, commercial and industrial
applications. They are typically built for
either horizontal or vertical installations.
Horizontal ASME vessels can be
installed aboveground with saddle
mounts. Vertical vessels have legs or
ring bases. Both can be equipped with
many accessories, including:
• OSHA compliant ladders, stairs,
walkways and catwalks
• Gauging, pumping and
control systems
When installed underground, ASME
vessels usually require advanced
external corrosion protection systems
or waterstops for breakthrough
basement or vaulted installation.
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