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Fire Protection Vessels
Fire Protection Tanks (FPT) are
hydropneumatic water storage tanks
specifically designed for use in private
fire protection systems.
These ASME pressure vessels are
required by fire codes in many
commercial, industrial and institutional
buildings for use with automatic
sprinkler systems for fire suppression.
FPT are designed, fabricated, tested,
inspected and installed in accordance
with the National Fire Protection
Association NFPA Standard No. 22,
Water Tanks for Private Fire
During normal operation, this ASME
pressure vessel is filled with water to
2/3 the volume of the tank and then
pressurized with air to 125 psi. FPT
can be located underground with all of
the fittings located on one head that
protrudes into the basement or a vault.
The outlet flange is located at the
bottom of the vessel near this head
and projects a minimum of 4" into the
vessel. A water-stop with link-seal
prevents water intrusion.
FPT are fully compliant with factory
applied internal and external coatings
with optional cathodic protection
system on the buried end of the vessel.
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