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Hydropneumatic Vessels
Hydropneumatic Tanks (HPT) are
ASME vessels that contain both water
and air under pressure. They provide
an adequate
quick demand” water
supply and help regulate proper system
pressure range, both necessary for the
efficient operation of a water supply
They are used in large capacity
pumping systems as
buffer tanks”
to control surges caused by pump
start-ups and shutdowns, and they
absorb water hammer shocks due
to rapid valve actuations eliminating
catastrophic failure of pipeline, pumps,
valves and system control loss.
Other common applications are in
well water systems and fire protection
HPT are lined with epoxy or
polyurethane potable water linings.
They are often located aboveground
or underground, with one head
protruding into a vault or basement.
All of the fittings are located on the
head located inside the building or
vault. Vessels installed underground
are furnished with advanced corrosion
protection systems.
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