ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 44

Heated & Chilled Water Vessels
Hot Water Tanks (HWT) are used in
commercial buildings, institutional
facilities and assorted industries that
require a constant supply of hot water.
Water is typically heated and stored in
this ASME vessel during periods of low
demand thereby providing an adequate
supply of hot water during periods of
maximum demand.
• Apartment and Commercial Buildings
• Hotels
• Institutional Facilities - Schools,
Universities, Hospitals, Prisons
• Industrial Processes
• Sports Complexes
• Hospitals
• Restaurants
• Laundry Facilities
HWT can be equipped with all the
necessary connections required for
installation with most water heaters,
boilers or other water-heating devices.
They are available as vertical or
horizontal type in a wide range of sizes.
We can manufacture HWT to our
standard specifications or custom
design fabrication for those tough
HWT are typically customized for a
specific application. These vessels are
available from 300 to 60,000 gallons.
Please contact Highland Tank to
discuss your specific needs.
Standard Features
• Manufactured to ASME Code
Standard operating pressures
range from 60 to 75 psi; standard
design pressures are 100, 125
and 150 psi
• 12” X 16” minimum elliptical
• Standard connections from
2" to 3" NPT; 4" to 8" flanges
• Exterior alkyd shop primer
• Interior - NSF approved for
potable water:
- Cement Lining
- High-temperature epoxy
phenolic coating
• Tank Support Systems
- Horizontal - UL Saddles;
- Vertical - Ring Bases
or Angle Legs
• External thermal insulation
- Spray-on polyurethane foam
with acrylic sealer (R16 @ 2")
- External fiberglass batt with
metal jacketing (R8 @ 2")
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