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Exceptional Efficiency and Economy in Every Day Performance
Chilled Water Tanks (CWT) are used
with large HVAC installations, resulting
in fewer cycles of the compressor and
better temperature control overall.
The chilled water is used to cool and
dehumidify air in sizable commercial,
industrial and institutional facilities.
At high-tech data centers, chilled
water storage tanks are required for
uninterrupted cooling of computer
systems and associated components,
such as telecommunications
and storage systems.
A properly sized CWT adds the
necessary volume to “buffer” the
cooling system and allows it to operate
at peak efficiency. When applied to
contemporary chilled thermal storage
technology, CWT allow the user to time
shift the electrical load of the system
from the peak day periods to off peak
night time periods.
CWT are typically customized for a
specific application. These vessels are
available from 300 to 60,000 gallons.
Please contact Highland Tank to
discuss your specific needs.
Standard Features
• Manufactured to ASME Code;
standard design pressure
is 125 psi
• 12" X 16" minimum elliptical
• Standard connections from
2" to 3" NPT; 4" to 8" flanges
• Exterior alkyd shop primer
• Interior - NSF approved for
potable water:
- High-temperature epoxy coating
- Cement Lining
• Vertical Tank Support Systems
- Ring Bases
- Angle Legs
• External thermal insulation
- Spray-on polyurethane foam with
acrylic sealer
- External fiberglass batt with
metal jacketing
Chilled Water Tanks are designed for
chilled water systems with insufficient
water volume capacity, in relation to
the chiller capacity. These tanks increase
the capacity of the chilled water
system and stabilize the return
water temperature.
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