ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 48

Air Receiver Vessels
Air Receivers Tanks (ART) are used in
compressed air systems to store the
compressed air and to permit pressure
to be equalized in the system.
ART are sized to best supplement the
air compressor operation, typically one
gallon of storage for each Actual Cubic
Feet per Minute (ACFM), for the rated
compressor output:
A more exact sizing method is:
V= Cr x ( Ci / Co )
V = Air Receiver Volume (ft
Cr = Compressor rating
/ min. free air)
Ci = Compressor Inlet
Free Air (psia)
Co= Compressor Outlet
Pressure (psia)
After calculating the air receiver capacity,
inlet and outlet connections can be
determined based on the size of the
compressor outlet connection.
Standard Features
• Manufactured to ASME Code.
Standard design pressures are
125 and 150 psi. (Other pressure
ratings are available)
• Inlet and Outlet connections
(based on the compressor
outlet connection dimensions)
• Bottom Drain Outlet
• Pressure Gauge connection
• Safety relief valve connection
• Inspection openings
• Exterior alkyd shop primer
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