ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 60

Ladders, platforms and walkways are
designed to comply with strict OSHA
specifications. Carbon steel fabrication
with a painted finish is standard.
Stainless steel or galvanized finish
is available upon request. Mounting
brackets and other structural
accommodations can be factory-fitted
to facilitate field installation. OSHA
compliant interior access ladders
require a properly sized access
manway for safety clearance. OSHA
compliant Standard or Caged External
Access Ladders are designed for
access to the tank top, fill port,
manways or tank appurtenances.
Handrails and provisions for anchoring
to a support pad are also included.
Note: OSHA compliant internal ladders measure 16" wide and external ladders measure 24" wide.
Ladders, Platforms and Walkways
Horizontal Tank - Internal Ladder
Horizontal Tank - External Ladder
Vertical Tank - External Ladder
Ladders Up to 20 Ft.
Open Ladder
Vertical Tank - External Ladder
Ladders 20 to 30 Ft.
Uncaged 0 to 20 Ft. / Caged 20 to 30 Ft.
Vertical Tank - External Ladder
Ladders above 30 Ft.
Tank Manway
12" ctrs
Step-off Platform
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