ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 7

Stainless Steel Construction
Highland Tank has a long and
successful record of manufacturing
stainless steel storage tanks for our
commercial and industrial customers.
Our tanks are manufactured from
304, 304L, 316 or 316L stainless steel
for compatibility with many corrosive
Contemporary steel-making
techniques enable stainless steel to
be welded and fabricated as readily
as conventional steels. Additionally,
stainless steel has many unique
properties that may make it the
best choice for your special storage
The bright, easily maintained surface
of stainless steel provides a clean,
contemporary appearance. Stainless
steel is corrosion-resistant to a large
number of liquids and recommended
when carbon steel or internal linings
are not compatible with the wastewater
being processed.
Customized for Your Needs
Because every application is unique,
Highland Tanks’ stainless steel tanks
are “made-to-order.” When specifying
or ordering custom stainless steel
tanks from Highland Tank, our
experienced staff will assist you in
selecting just the right grade and
combinations of features to meet
your specific needs.
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