ASME Pressure Vessels and Water Storage Tanks - page 8

Highland Tank Sets the Standard
We offer innovative steel fabrication
combined with a variety of specialty
coatings designed to meet your
specific needs. Our water storage
tanks and ASME pressure vessels
are built to one or more of the
standards below.
ASME Pressure Vessels
• American Society of Mechanical
Engineers ASME Code
(National Board Registration),
Section VIII, Division I;
Section IX (Welding)
• American Welding Society - AWS
• American Society for Testing
and Materials - ASTM
• American Society of Heating,
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Engineers - ASHRAE
• National Sanitation Foundation - NSF
Atmospheric Water Storage Tanks:
• Underwriters
Laboratories, Inc.
UL-58, UL-142, UL-1746
• American Petroleum Institute
• National Fire Protection
Association NFPA 22
• American Water Works Association
• Occupational and Safety Health
Administration - OSHA
• National Sanitation Foundation - (NSF)
Highland Tank and Steel Tank Institute
specifications are followed to assure
complete internal and external
corrosion protection. We can supply a
full range of equipment packages and
we excel in custom fabrication
for those unique situations.
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