Aboveground Rectangular Double Basin
Grease Interceptor:

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Aboveground Rectangular Passive Grease Interceptor
Rectangular Passive Grease Interceptors (R-PGI) can be installed aboveground to help food service establishments intercept and accumulate FOG on-site and prevent it from entering the POTW collection system. Like our cylindrical, belowground units, the R-PGI's large capacity and specially designed internal baffles retains wastewater long enough in a non-turbulent environment for proper grease and solids separation. Highland hydromechanical grease interceptors are highly efficient. Their large volume can accommodate long retention times,even 30 minutes or greater. Additionally, they can receive discharge from kitchen fixtures, garbage grinders and all other food preparation areas, eliminating the need for a solids interceptor. R-PGI are available in Single, Double or Triple Basin configurations. They are of superior design and construction than old-style concrete grease interceptors. They're lighter than concrete and are easy to install and maintain due to their one-piece construction.


Aboveground Rectangular Single Basin Passive Grease Interceptor:

Fireguard Cylindrical:

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Fireguard Cylindrical
Fireguard® tanks are thermally protected, double-wall aboveground steel storage tanks.
Fireguards® are the best alternative for the safe storage of motor fuels and other
flammable and combustible liquids above ground. They are used where a fire-protected
tank is needed due to setback limitations or regulatory requirements. Fireguards®
are UL-2085 labeled passing these tests - Two-Hour Pool Fire, Hose Stream,
Ballistics/Projectile and Vehicle Impact.

Fireguard® Tanks are lightweight and come with a 30-year warranty. Each tank is
constructed with a minimum three inch interstice around the inner tank completely filled
with a lightweight, monolithic material. This high-efficiency insulation protects the
inner tank in the unlikely event of a fire or extreme heat. Porous in nature, it allows fluid
migration through the interstice to the monitoring point. Each Fireguard® ships with factory-
installed emergency vents on both the primary and secondary tank for added protection.