AGI Options and Accessories

Alarm & Control Panels

A comprehensive panel selection for level alarm, valve actuation, heating or pump control is available to customize your installation.

Ladders, Stairs, Platforms & Walkways

Ladders, stairs, platforms and walkways are custom designed, fabricated and fitted to comply with strict OSHA specifications and your specific site requirements.

Grease Totes & Hoppers

Heavy-duty steel containers for the storage of waste grease. We offer different sizes and configurations to fit your application needs.

Support Systems

Support systems are custom-designed to support the interceptor, keep it stationary and elevate the unit when necessary to accommodate plumbing connections. Interceptor support systems are available in multiple designs to accommodate specific installation requirements: UL Saddles, Supports, Skids, Legs and Bases.

Complete Pump Package Systems

Highland Tank offers a full line of custom-engineered pump packages for easy installation, efficient operation and ease of maintenance. 

Pump Lift Stations

Highland Tank offers a full line of pre-packaged lift stations engineered for easy installation, efficient operation and ease of maintenance.  Lift stations are comprised of the sump, pumps, level sensors and controls. Highland Tank fabricates aboveground and underground stainless steel or protected carbon steel sumps.   

Sampling Ports

Efficient maintenance and operation of many wastewater treatment systems require sampling outflow for FOG concentration. Highland Tank offers interceptor-mounted, in-line and free-standing sampling ports to enable pretreatment inspectors to collect representative sample of the wastewater being discharged to the sanitary system.