Selecting & Specifying: Automatic Grease Interceptors

Customized for Your Needs - (Select image to see how it works)

Highland Tank designs each GreaseStopper® individually, so you never have to adapt your 

kitchen operations to our products.  Our rugged, stainless steel units are available in 

16 standard sizes from 15 to 800 GPM with larger and custom systems available to meet

your site needs. They are available with complete equipment packages that include

level sensors, alarm/control panels, pump systems, insulation systems and access

stairs and platforms. Highland Tank will work closely with you to ensure our products

meet all our customer needs as well as the latest environmental, building

and plumbing regulations. 



The Flush-With-Floor GreaseStopper® is recessed with its top flush with the floor in order to

intercept kitchen fixtures and floor drains, save valuable above floor space and accommodate 

existing piping and structural conditions. This specialized grease removal device features

an integral Automatic Grease Interceptor with separate grease storage and dry

electrical compartments. 


Manual Grease Interceptors (MGI) are hydromechanical grease interceptors designed to intercept

and collect large quantities of sewer clogging fats, oil and grease (FOG) and oily food waste

discharged from food service establishments' kitchens. They are usually installed indoors and

connected to the drain lines of the pot washing sink and the dishwasher pre-rinse sink. MGIs

are typically used where they can be connected to a sanitary sewer that does not mandate

automatic grease recovery devices.