HighDRO® -Pure Rainwater Harvesting
featuring High-LINK® Integrated Systems:

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High-LINK Integrated Systems
Highland Tank's HighDRO®-Pure Rainwater Harvesting Systems are designed to collect, store, and reuse rainwater. These economical systems produce a simple, sustainable, and reliable alternative water source and help reduce stormwater runoff. With so many components designed to allow the rainwater system to operate efficiently, there are many High-LINK® systems that provide cost savings, peace of mind, and enhance the performance of the rainwater system.
System Features
• Combines electromechanical technology, solid state hardware and web based monitoring
• Promotes efficient, uninterrupted flow of treated water
• Identifies abnormal operating conditions via alarms/alerts
• Value added solution to maintenance and maximizing system life
• Minimizes potential for poor performance based on the identified application and water quality parameters
• Intuitive software to save water by monitoring environmental conditions including precipitation, humidity, temperature, etc.
• Enhances factory warranty