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High-LINK® Integrated Systems:

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High-LINK Integrated Systems
Highland Tank's oil/water separators are designed to remove, oil, grease, light petroleum products, and oily coated solids from a variety of wastewater discharges. Our separators are highly efficient and can be installed aboveground or underground with several design options to choose from. Wastewater treatment systems need different types of monitoring. Installing the High-LINK® Level, Leak and H2O Shield systems aid in predictive maintenance, troubleshooting, and event monitoring.
System Features
• Monitor for oil, solids, and total petroleum hydrocarbons
• Enhance security and compliance, and verify operation and maintenance records with RFID technology
• Automatically send alert to waste hauler when system is ready to reach set capacity
• Instantly reconcile wastewater pump down against waste haulers invoice
• Utilize predictive maintenance capabilities with event monitoring and flow monitoring on the inlet
• Save time and costly field service calls with remote troubleshooting and rectification
• Real time effluent quality monitoring