UL-142 Tanks featuring High-LINK® Integrated Systems:

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High-LINK Integrated Systems
UL-142 tanks are the ideal solution for storing bulk fuel, lube, and chemical products. Incorporating the Fuel, Track, and Level Shield modules into your tank system enhances the safety, longevity, and security at your facility. In addition to providing reliable fuel management systems, Highland Tank also provides innovative fleet management modules. Point One is a next generation wireless telematic retrieval device.
The fleet module simply ties into the ECM onboard computer to receive practical and actionable information from the vehicle. Point One is designed to reduce fleet maintenance and operational costs to provide better customer service.
Track System Features
• Manage fuel usage and fleet operations by retrieving vehicle data such as RPM, MPG, authorization for fueling, idle time, etc.
• By utilizing GPS tracking, Point One can also track equipment inventory
• Manage the maintenance of your equipment with customizable alerts to any device
• Save costs and keep equipment in operation by applying the predictive and preventative maintenance capabilities
Point One Advantage
• Employs a dedicated team of professionals to monitor designated aspects of your operation:
- scheduling product delivery
- equipment performance and maintenance scheduling