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We firmly believe that because each application is unique, each tank should be made-to-order. Our tanks are made to comply with UL, NFPA, API, AWWA, OSHA, and SWRI standards, but each individual tank is a custom solution. Our engineers have years of experience working directly with our partners to select grade, coatings, and features to meet their unique specifications and demands. No other tank company can offer Highland Tank’s flexibility, because customization is our standard.

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commercial + institutional

Buildings used for commercial or retail purposes, such as public housing, office buildings, warehouses, superstores, shopping malls, sports stadiums, and casinos have a need for many steel storage tanks and process vessels. Institutional buildings such as colleges, K-12 schools, prisons, and hospitals also can benefit from installing the right tanks for the right applications. Highland Tank’s products help these buildings function as LEED certified buildings. Our products also provide security for people and communities. Whether it’s a fire protection tank in an apartment building or an oil/water separator in a parking deck, Highland Tank builds reliable products that help keep people, businesses, and the environment protected.

Products for Commercial + Institutional Building applications:
Aboveground and Underground storage tanks for heating fuel
Pressure Vessels for cold water
Elevator Sump Interceptors for excess hydraulic oil
Fire Protection Tanks in commercial development
Oil/Water Separators for fuel and waste drippings in parking lots
Grease Interceptors for cafeterias and restaurants, entertainment,
Fuel Storage for back-up generators at mission critical facilities

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data centers + communication

Data Centers are facilities used to house computer systems and associated components. These mission critical facilities include redundant or backup power supplies, data communications connections, environmental controls, and security devices. A large data center requires backup power such as diesel and gas turbine generators. Cooling systems are also necessary to protect critical servers. Highland Tank’s thermal energy storage tanks play a key role in delaying the effects of a cooling failure due to power loss or catastrophic failure. Environmental benefits include reduction of source energy use, decreased refrigerant charge and improved efficiency of the energy supply.

Products used at data centers or communication centers:
Diesel storage tanks for back-up generators
Gasoline storage tanks for back-up generators
Thermal energy storage tanks for cooling
Water Tanks for emergency cooling

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Steel is 100% recyclable and has the highest recycling rate of any durable material in the United States. Unlike concrete or plastic storage tanks, even those reinforced with fiberglass, recycled steel storage tanks ultimately keep a valuable commodity out of the nation’s landfills. In addition, the latest recycling processes drastically reduce industrial emissions by over 70% to air and water, accompanied by a reduction of approximately 30% in the amount of energy required to produce new steel. Highland Tank products will form an integral part of your “green” building.

Rainwater Harvesting systems help a facility achieve LEED status while recycling the water from storms and reusing it. Highland Tank uses a rainwater harvesting system to capture rainwater from the roof and reuse it during tank hydro testing. Stormwater Detention/Retention Tanks help cities like New York City manage stormwater after large storms. Oil/water separators are a key part of SPCC plans to meet EPA regulations.

Products that are environmentally responsible:
Oil/Water Interceptors for treating wastewater at many industrial sites
Oil/Sand Interceptors treat water from storm water runoff and spills
HighDRO® Wastewater Storage Tanks responsible storage for liquid wastes
Stormwater Detention/Retention Tanks provide additional capacity to an existing sewer system, thereby improving its performance
HighDRO®-Pure Rainwater Harvesting Systems harvest and reuse rainwater
Rainwater Collection Tanks provide rainwater storage from various catchment areas
HighDRO®-Clear Greywater Recycling Systems for biotreatment, adsorption, aeration, and disinfection for greywater reuse
Decontamination Tanks designed to store a wide range of contaminated wastewater.

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government + military + municipal

Highland Tank can build tanks and vessels to the unique specifications required in a government, military, or municipal project.

Products for Government, Military, and Municipal sites:
Oil/Water Separators engineered to meet regulations
Propane Tanks provide fuel for electric generators and heating
UL-142 Tanks – Horizontal – Vertical offer safe storage of petroleum products and chemicals
Overfill Protection Tanks eliminate danger of storage tank overfills
API-650 Tanks available manufactured to API-650, Appendix J for vertical storage
Aboveground Shelter Tanks allow for secure storage of hazardous liquids
Dike Tanks for versatile secondary containment
HighGuard Tanks provide secure storage in the toughest conditions
Fireguard® Tanks are used where a fire-protected tank is needed because of setback limitations or regulatory requirements
TITAN® Tanks offers secondary containment and damage resistance
HotShot Tanks are designed specifically for the safe storage of heavy residual fuel oils (RFOs)

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manufacturing + industrial

Manufacturing and Industrial facilities have a vast need for storage tanks. Our own Manheim facility has 27 different tanks.

Products for Manufacturing & Industrial sites:
Oil/water separators available in custom designs to meet site applications
Oil/sand interceptors can be used alone or in conjunction with high-performance separators
Propane Tanks provide fuel for a wide range of manufacturing & industrial applications
Skid Tanks are portable for mobility between job sites
Fireguard® Tanks are the best option for safe storage of flammable and combustible liquids aboveground
HighDRO® Wastewater Storage Tanks are designed to store a wide variety of contaminated wastewater
Stormwater Detention/Retention Tanks for effective stormwater management
Rainwater Harvesting for a sustainable alternative water source
Rainwater Collection Tanks come complete with all necessary components to use with a harvesting system
Fire Protection Tanks are a valuable resource during firefighting emergencies
Lube tanks offer safe and dependable bulk storage for all types of oils
Potable Water Tanks are an effective and economical way to store water for industrial installations

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oil + gas

Highland Tank offers a wide variety of custom ASME pressure vessels, storage tanks, and process vessels for oil and gas pipeline and storage facilities. The following are just a sampling of the products offered for the oil and gas industry from our eight state-of-the-art fabrication facilities throughout the United States. We encourage our oil & gas customers to send us details on any storage tank or process vessel for your upstream, midstream, or downstream projects.

  • Horizontal Tanks up to 70,000 gal/1,666 bbl
  • Vertical Tanks up to 57,500 gal/1,369 bbl
  • ASME Pressure Vessels up to 60,000 gal/1428 bbl
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (304, 316, +L grades)
  • Quality Assurance Certifications: ASME BPV VIII-I “U” stamp, National Board “R” stamp, STI-P3, STI-Act-100-U, STI-Fireguard / UL2085, UL 58, UL 142, UL 2215
  • Other Quality Assurance Codes we fabricate to: API-650 Annex “J”, API-620, API-12F, AWWA D100/ D102

Products for Oil & Gas Pipeline and Storage Facilities:
API 650 Storage Tanks for use at oil and natural gas terminals, processing plants & midstream facilities
ASME Pressure Vessels for various oil and gas site applications
Slug Catchers for collecting gas or liquid slugs that exit the pipeline
Propane and Diesel Storage Tanks to power electric generators at drilling sites
NGL Storage Bullets for safe storage of natural gas liquids (propane/butane)
Wastewater Storage Tank store wastewater at oil and gas production and gathering operations
Lube Oil tanks for lubricating oils, hydraulic fluid, and waste oil storage
Surge Relief Tanks to protect equipment and personnel during sudden surge pressures
Barrel Tanks robust and safe storage for liquids generated during oil and natural gas production
Sump/Drain Tanks for waste liquid storage (pressure or atmospheric, aboveground or underground)
Condensate Storage Tanks for storage of natural gas condensate and wastewater
Oil/Water Separators for processed water treatment
Air Receivers to store compressed air for pneumatic tools
Pump Lift Stations includes pumps, motors, and controls

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petroleum marketing

Petroleum terminals are industrial facilities used for the storage of oil and petrochemical products until they are transported to end users or discharged into pipelines. These bulk storage facilities can store petroleum products, chemicals, oil, gas, and other liquid. These facilities are sometimes called tank farms, with tanks that can be aboveground or underground. Highland Tank’s products ensure the safe storage of these products, many of which are very flammable.

Products for Petroleum Marketing sites:
Fireguard® Tanks are thermally protected, double-wall tanks for safe fuel storage
UL-142 Tanks Horizontal – Vertical for storage at bulk plants
Flameshield® option for all UL-142 double-wall, aboveground steel storage tanks
Dike Tanks are quick and easy to install or relocate
Overfill Protection Tanks capture and store delivery overfills resulting from mistakes or failures during filling operations
Skid Tanks offer reliable storage with portability
Lube Tanks maximize space while providing secondary containment
HighGuard provides effective corrosion protection on underground tanks
TITAN® is an extremely tough double-wall tank
Hotshot features electrical isolation and high-temperature dielectric coating

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Highland Tank works closely with ASPE (American Society of Plumbing Engineers) across the United States to help provide solutions to the most challenging projects. PDI and IAPMO models are available if applicable.

Products for plumbing and water sites:
Grease Interceptors: AGI, PGI, MGI intercept and remove large quantities of fats, oils, and grease
Potable water storage tanks offer dependable water supply
Stormwater Detention/Retention tanks for slow release of stormwater to the sewer system
Rainwater Harvesting System recycles rainwater for many practical applications
Greywater Recycling Systems can be engineered for site-specific applications
Decontamination Tanks for secure storage of hazardous liquids
ASME Pressure Vessels (Water) for heated and chilled water, chlorine contact, boiler blowdown, fire protection, and thermal energy
Fire Protection Tanks required by fire codes in many commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings
Elevator Oil Interceptors for wastewater discharged from elevator pit sumps

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power + utilities

An electric utility is a company in the electric power industry (often a public utility) that engages in electricity generation and distribution in a regulated market. This utility is a major provider of energy. Utility providers can include electricity, natural gas, water, telephone, and internet services.

Products for power and utilities sites:
Fireguard® for safe fuel storage
UL-142 Tanks – Horizontal – Vertical storage at electric, coal, natural gas, water, sewage, communication, and transportation utilities
Flameshield option is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations
Dike Tanks for secondary containment
Overfill Protection Tanks contain a spill of at least 20% of tank’s volume
Skid Tanks for portability among utility sites
HighGuard Tanks provide secure storage in the toughest conditions
TITAN® offers secondary containment and damage resistance
Oil/water separators for treating wastewater at many industrial sites
Water Storage Tanks for water utilities
ASME Pressure Vessels for aqueous ammonia smoke stack misting, boiler blowdown, and condensate
Propane Tanks for heating

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Whether the application is an airport, railyard, truck fleet, or public transit authority, Highland Tank offers solutions for fuel storage, fuel dispensing, and water processing. In addition, the highly-engineered oil/water separators meet compliance with stringent regulations.

Products for transportation sites:
Fireguard® Insulated Steel Storage Tanks for safe storage of flammable or combustible liquids
HighGuard Underground Storage Tanks are compatible with all fuels
TITAN® with Integrated Sumps for gas stations and convenience stores
UL-142 Tanks – Horizontal – Vertical are ideal for a wide range of fuels, chemicals, or other liquids
Oil/Water Separators for airports, rail yards, vehicle fleets, garages, and maintenance shops
Oil/Sand Interceptors engineered for vehicle maintenance operations
Propane Autogas for clean-burning alternative vehicle fuel
Fuel Pump Packages offer a wide range of turnkey fuel dispensing systems

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