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Please complete this form in its entirety. When you have reached the point where you need to request a new Customer Number, you should complete this form and send a Highland Tank Credit Documents Packet to the customer.

The packet can be found under the Credit Folder in the Submittal Toolbox. This form requires an address for where the intent of the order is coming from and an address for Billing. If they are the same you can simply check the box noting that the two addresses are the same. Please make certain to use the address from where the intent is coming from to complete the Salesman Numbers for each product type.

If you have any questions on the Salesman Number, refer to the Salesman Territory by Zip Code Excel Spreadsheet located in the Submittal Toolbox on the Highland Tank network. Once you hit submit, the form will go to directly to the Credit Department. You will receive a confirmation, and Credit will send you the new Customer Number.

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