Insulated Steel Storage Tanks for Multiple Applications

Insulated Steel Storage Tank
Highland fabricates and insulates steel tanks for a wide variety of applications. In addition to the Fireguard® insulated tank, Highland has multiple methods for insulating tanks depending on your specific requirements:

1 - External Batt with Jacket Insulation System - a 360° wrap with batts of mineral wool, fiberglass or ceramic material and a 360° wrap with an aluminum skin.

2 - External Spray-on Insulation System - a 360° wrap of sprayed-on insulating material (nominal thickness- 1.5") with a protective finish coating over the foam for UV protection.

3 - Injected Insulation System - a 360° second wrap, steel skin - the interstice is injected with a special time-activated foam insulating material that expands to completely fill all voids and eliminate air pockets.