Selecting & Specifying Horizontal Tanks

To select a Highland Horizontal Aboveground Steel Storage Tank, follow these easy steps:

Select desired tank volume - Specify single-wall or type of double-wall construction

Select desired secondary containment system - Select desired internal and external protective coatings

Determine type, size, location and number of fittings and manways - Select desired options and accessories

A drawing showing the storage tank size, along with the type, size and location of the fittings and manways as well as accessories required, is helpful when requesting a quote or placing an order. Highland standard storage tank drawings           are available on-line for viewing or downloading in PDF or AutoCAD.DXF Format. 

A.Tank Diameter - Ranging from 3'-2" to 13'-0"

B.Tank Length - Ranging from 3'-4" to 72'-0"

C.Compartment Bulkheads - Single or Double

D.Interior Coating - Specify Seal Welding, SSPC Cleaning Standard and type of Interior Coating

E.Manway  - Diameters from 24" to 36"

F.Interior Ladder - 2" x 1/4" sides – 3/4" rungs on 12" centers (OSHA requires a 36" diameter Manway for Interior Ladders)

G.Standard Threaded Fittings - Specify size, number, location

H.Flanged Fittings - 150 # A.S.A. Specify size, number, location

I.Fuel Oil Preheater

J.110% Containment Dike - (150% capacity also available)

K.Rain Shields

L.Gabled, Shed or Rolled-Top Canopies

M.Leak Detection System - Specify Single or Multi-Channel system configuration

N.Pump Platform (Inside or outside dike, or on skids)

O.Exterior Ladder (Outside of dike and/or tank with or without a platform)

P.Stairs (45º)/Ships Ladder (60º)


R.Exterior Coating

S.UL Style Saddle (2 per tank)

T.Supports (up to 4,000 gal.)

U.Skids (up to 12,000 gal.)

V.Interior Seal Welding

W.Hold-Down Straps (for flood plains)

X.Fireguard® Thermal Insulation or Other External Insulation System 

Y.Tank-Top Spill Container

Z.Emergency Vent - Primary and Secondary Tank