Selecting & Specifying Underground Tanks

To select a Highland Underground Steel Storage Tank, follow these easy steps:

Select desired tank volume - Specify single-wall or type of double-wall construction

Select desired corrosion protection system or internal and external protective coatings

Determine type, size, location and number of fittings and manways

Refer to accessories section of this brochure for desired options

A drawing showing the storage tank size, type, size and location of the fittings, manways and accessories required is helpful when requesting a quote or placing an order. For quick and easy reference, please refer to the adjacent diagrams of some standard tank features and accessories available.

A.Tank Diameter - Ranging from 3'-2" to 12'-0"

B.Tank Length - Ranging from 4'-0" to 59'-6"

C.Manway - Diameters from 24" to 36"

D.Manway Extensions - Customized per installation

E.Tank-Top Sump

F.Interior Coating - Specify SSPC standard and type of unterior coating

G.Interior Ladder - 2" x 3/8" sides – 3/4" rungs on 12" centers (OSHA requires a 36" diameter manway for interior ladders)

H.Polyester Hold-Down Straps - Refer to pp. 55-57 for details on hold-down straps

I.Compartment Bulkheads - Single or double

J.Sacrificial Anodes - Standard on STI-P3® and HotShot Tanks

K.Standard Threaded Fittings - Specify size, number and location

L.Double Ring Manway - Used to mount tank-top sumps

M.Flanged Fittings - 150 # A.S.A. with isolated, threaded companion flange – specify size, number and location

N.Flanged Fitting Isolation Spool - Specify size, number and location (standard on STI-P3®and HotShot Tanks)

O.Fuel Oil Preheater (Shrouded on HotShot Tank)

P.Leak Detection System - Specify single or multi-channel system configuration

Q.Lug and Wiring for Protection Prover – PP2

R.Interior Seal Welding - Required on all tanks with additional bulkheads and/or interior linings