HighDRO® Rainwater Collection Tanks Underground:

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HighDRO Rainwater Collection Tanks
HighDRO® Rainwater Collection Tanks (HD-RCT) provide storage for harvested water
from multiple catchment areas. Whether it is rainwater from a rooftop or paved area, the
HD-RCT provides safe and reliable water storage for reuse. HD-RCTs are available for
underground or aboveground (horizontal or vertical) installations. Capacities range from
185 to 60,000 gallons. These strong, factory-welded stainless steel or factory-coated carbon
steel tanks are designed to meet NSF and AWWA codes. They come complete with internal
diffusion baffles, manways, ladder, submersible feed pumps with floating suction and all
the necessary fittings for use with the system.