Selecting & Specifying Cylindrical Oil/Water Separators

Highland Tank's oil/water separators meet and surpass federal, state and local oil

and grease discharge limitation requirements. (Select image to see how it works)

     • Highland's separators can be designed to handle high flow rates and remove oils

       with specific gravities from 0 to .95

     • API-421 design criteria can be employed to engineer a separator to the specified wastewater 

       flow rate, temperature, oil globule size and specific gravity of oil and wastewater

     • Effluent quality down to 10 ppm has been consistently demonstrated on our high-performance

       Mode HTC UL-SU2215 labeled oil/water separators

Our products are available in a wide range of standard sizes and capacities available in either

single-wall or double-wall construction.  Double-wall oil/water separators with electronic leak

detection are required for those states and counties where underground oil/water separators are

considered to be - commercial underground storage tanks.  We also offer a variety of design

options complete accessory packages, including leak and level sensors, alarm/control panels,

influent, effluent and oil pump systems.


Series G - with Integral Sand Interceptor Compartment


Series J - with Integral Effluent Pump-Out Compartment

Aboveground Cylindrical Oil/Water Separator