Selecting & Specifying Cylindrical O/S Interceptors

Highland Tank's Oil/Sand Interceptors (OSI) are wastewater treatment tanks designed

to intercept and collect contaminants to prevent their entry into the sanitary sewer system.

These large-volume, gravity flow interceptors provide for lengthy retention times to

let sand, grit, free-oil and other petroleum products to separate from the water.

Highland interceptors contain one to four compartments or basins where oil separates

and floats to the surface, while sand and grit settle to the bottom sludge baffle.

The clearest water flows downward to the outlet downcomer and discharged from

the interceptor. OSI sizing and construction conforms to recognized plumbing codes

and meets or exceeds many municipal industrial sewer pretreatment regulations.

They are available as single and double-wall construction in a wide variety of standard

volumes and can be custom sized for your needs and retention time requirements.

They are watertight and pressure or vacuum testable in both the factory and the field.

We offer a complete accessory packages, including leak and level sensors, alarm/control

panels, influent, effluent and oil pump systems. 


Single-Basin O/S Interceptor


Double-Basin O/S Interceptor


Triple-Basin O/S Interceptor


Quad-Basin O/S Interceptor