Stormwater Detention / Retention Tanks:

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Stormwater Detention/Retention Tanks
Urban development often results in more paved areas. With significant reduction in rainwater infiltration, construction increases storm runoff volumes and rates. HighDRO® SDRTs have been widely accepted as an effective means of stormwater management to reduce the developed peak flow and provide a means of flow reduction and treatment prior to discharge from a developed site. Whether used to store and slowly release stormwater to the sewer system (detention) or dispose of stormwater onsite (retention) through infiltration to soils below or recycling onsite, the SDRT will help to provide additional capacity to an existing sewer system, thereby improving its performance.

Highland Tank's HighDRO® SDRTs are constructed of high-strength carbon or stainless steel and protected with your choice of high-solids polyurethane, epoxy and other tough internal linings and external coatings. Cylindrical SDRTs are available for aboveground and underground installation. Our new, large volume rectangular tanks can be installed within the building or located in an exterior subterranean vault. They are lighter than concrete tanks, and unlike pour-in-place concrete tanks, they don't crack and can be installed in any weather, at any time of the year. Custom sizes and a wide range of accessory items are available for complete system operation.