Aboveground Vertical Single-Wall UL-142:

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UL-142 Aboveground Vertical Single-Wall
Aboveground storage tanks are designed and engineered to meet the demanding
needs of many industries. They provide a sensible and safe solution for the storage
of petroleum products and chemicals at bulk plants, transportation facilities, industrial
sites, military bases and airports.

Tanks are manufactured to UL-142 specifications using flat-flanged heads in single-wall,
double-wall or double-bottom configurations. Tanks can also be manufactured to API 650,
Appendix J for shop built tanks. Vertical tanks are available with an array of options that
provide solutions for many applications.

Highland Vertical Double-wall UL-142 aboveground steel storage tanks provide safe
storage of flammable and combustible liquids using minimal space. Double-wall UL-142
tanks provide secondary containment for both bottom and shell (wall) surfaces maintaining
a single-wall top. The outer shell is seal-welded to the inner shell, just below the top
head. Emergency vent fittings are provided for the inner and outer tanks. Tanks can be
specified with a flat, coned, or dished top and can be manufactured from mild carbon
or stainless steel.