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Bulk Storage Tanks for Petroleum & Chemicals

Highland’s aboveground vertical tanks are an ideal solution for storage of a wide variety of liquid products. Manufactured to UL-142 specifications in single-wall, double-wall, or double-bottom configurations, they are available in standard sizes and volumes from 185 to 57,500 gallons…

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Advanced Filtration Systems for Zero Discharge Facilities

Some power facilities are designed as zero-discharge facilities. To meet these requirements Highland Tank Oil/Water Separators are combined with an Advanced Hydrocarbon Filtration Skid. This type of system is designed to treat the utility company's wastewater and provide an effluent…

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Modular Aviation Fueling System Solutions

Aviation fueling is a challenging task due to many critical safety concerns. Highland Tank has a long history of providing modular aviation refueling systems to accompany our fuel storage tanks. Each refueling system module is engineered with rugged, field-proven components…

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